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Rolling Shelves and Custom Sliding Shelves in Waterloo, ON

Custom pull-out shelves are a great way to organize your home and make life more convenient. With pull-out shelves in your kitchen cabinets or other storage areas, everything becomes easy to find and within reach. 


With custom slide-out shelves designed for your space and your needs, you can optimize the placement of all your kitchen tools, from small appliances to baking pans, pots, cutting boards, and pantry items, to make daily tasks easier than ever before. 


When you order custom pull-out shelves, we take every element of your kitchen and pantry cabinet space into consideration. From finding the right drawer slides for your needs to making sure the cabinet door closure is a perfect fit to making the best use of the entire shelf surface, we make sure that every detail of your sliding cabinet shelves works like clockwork. 


Pull-out shelves are a great kitchen cabinet solution, but they can also help improve the organization of many other areas in your home. From the bathroom to the workshop or playroom, our custom-made sliding shelves provide a functional solution to lots of everyday hassles.

Custom Sliding Shelves

We design, build & install custom sliding shelves for existing cabinets to help keep your storage space organized and easily accessible. 

Explore our Products

Enjoy the convenience of improved organization and easy access to cabinets, drawers and more with our range of unique home organizing products.


Considering a custom pull-out shelf solution? Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our custom sliding drawers and home organizing products. 

You May Be Eligible for an Ontario or Canada Tax Credit! 

Thanks to the Home Accessibility Tax Credit (up to $1,500 on already owed taxes) and the Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit (up to $2,500) you may be able to subsidize the cost of your custom pull-out shelves. These tax credits are designed to make solutions for home safety and accessibility more affordable for seniors and people with disabilities, so don’t miss out on these opportunities to save!

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