Hi Cathy,

Want to let you know that the job was completed successfully and I LOVE my shelves. Joshua is such a nice and gentle person, worked quietly and efficiently even though he ran into a snag. I’m sure he’ll update you on all that. However, he dealt with it so well that it hardly registered with me. He was all, no muss, no fuss, no problem. Loved his attitude.

Thank you so much for working with me to find the best solution for my space. I appreciate you and the company.

PS....if you are ever asked to supply a reference for a job I would be more than happy to do that.

-Kathy Wright.  Burlington, Ont.

"Hi Cathy, I am so pleased with my gliding shelves.  They help me to have better access to the bottom cupboards and to keep things more organized.  The shelves are so sturdy and strong and with great gliding movement.  Cathy and Bruce are great to work with and really know their job.  I will likely get more shelves in the New Year!"

-Shirley Thacker

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love the shelves and the convenience of being able to pull out pots and pans and food supplies easily.  The quality of the shelves is great, and the kitchen is so much more usable because of the shelves.

Thank you for your suggestions and help. We show off our cupboards all the time to friends." 

-Jana Papke and Dennis Flaming

"Hi Cathy.  Just to confirm to you after our telephone conversation, how pleased we are with the gliding shelves we purchased. The installation was excellent.  The quality is very good.  The placement of the shelves gives us much more room to store everything.  Another nice thing is that the shelves slide out completley which makes it easy to get things out.  All in all, we are very happy to have gone ahead with the job."

-Margaret & George Stec. Baden, Ont.

"Thanks Cathy! Blair did a great install.  Easy breezy, no mess! Drawers a dream!"

-Suji, Cambridge, Ont.

"Hi Cathy, I wanted to let you know how much we love using our shelves, and especially for me...with my arthritis...it makes a huge difference.  My husband wasn't convinced we needed the shelves, but since I felt I needed them - he said go ahead, and now he too really sees how worthwhile they are." 

- Beth, Waterloo, Ont.

"Working with Nana Greenfield Home Solutions was an absolute joy. Cathy was extremely helpful with her recommendations to best arrange my gliding shelves. I truly believe our grocery shopping expenses have been reduced merely by having everything at my finger tips. Where were you Nana Greenfield years ago? All the time and frustration trying to determine what was lurking at the back of my pantry is a savings in itself. Thanks Cathy, you are not only good at what you do but it was also a ‘fun’ time putting it all together."

-Pat, Waterloo, Ont.

"It was a pleasure to work with you as well!  We found the whole process very easy.  You had excellent advice in terms of which areas to focus in for re-organization.  The install was also fantastic, very efficient and courteous.
Thanks very much for a very positive experience!"

-Jennifer Zoethout, Guelph, Ont.

"I am so pleased with my glides.  I am having fun putting my pots and baking items in the cupboards and there is still room!"

-Pat Badger, Waterloo, Ont.

"Wish to say we are very pleased with our gliding shelves - wow- we sure now know what we have been missing. Your advice, following our request for a quote was very valuable and your installer did a great job. Thank you again."

-Helen and Barrie Marsh

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love the shelving/gliders. It’s so much easier to find things now ... I don’t have to get down on my hands and knees to reach the items in the back of my cupboards. Blair did a great job on the installation and there was no clean up after he was done. Thank you so much."

-Wendy O’Kafka, Waterloo, Ont.

"Good Morning, Just having coffee and then the fun begins. Going to start with alphabetizing the spice rack. So excited! How weird is that? But a happy satisfied weird. Have a great weekend and thanks again. Think you saved my life!"

-Jane Robb, Waterloo, Ont.

"Love my gliding shelves, kitchen and bathrooms, installer was excellent. Cathy you were a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend your company. Blair did a great job 

showing me how they operate and remove when necessary. Also a tidy worker and took no time at all to install the shelves. I am thrilled to bits with the outcome."

-Sylvia Kelly

"Thanks again for the great service, and superb product that came with my experience with Nana Greenfield Home Solutions. You were fantastic to deal with (as was Blair), and I would not hesitate for a minute, to recommend your company to family and friends. When we spend our hard earned dollars in any way, I’m all about A+ customer service, and without a doubt, you provided exactly that , for sure! Thanks again for your lovely personality and excellent measuring skills (haha), and most importantly for making me feel important as a customer. Many businesses could learn a lot from you!

Thanks again, Cathy! You will be noted in my books for an excellent experience all around! Take care and have a wonderful summer."

-Marilynn F. Cambridge, Ont.

"Love the new Lazy Susans that were installed! So much easier and so much neater! Thanks Cathy, LOVE them!"

-Jackie R. Guelph, Ont.

“I am very happy with my pantry shelves. Cathy did a super job and now I can easily see what’s at the back, and I can stay much more organized that I ever was! Thank you Cathy!"

-Heather P. Guelph, Ont.

“Thanks Nana Greenfield Home Solutions for the revamping of my kitchen cupboards; everything now fits in and is much more accessible. Everyone involved was super nice and very


-Nancy F. Guelph, Ont.

"We would both like to say what a professional job you always do ....... Sue loved working with you and I am always pleased to see you. Keep up the good work."

-Sue and Clive, Kitchener, Ont.

"Still really enjoying my new kitchen cupboard. The access level with pots on the top glider is perfect. I get them out easily. Cooking more. LOL"

-Darlene, Waterloo, Ont.

"I am very pleased with my new sliders and the excellent services you provided. Thank you Cathy."

-Gisela Kittler, Guelph, Ont.

"Thank you for the great shelves. We are very pleased with the excellent product and outstanding service. Feel free to use me as a reference."

-Joe Recchia, Waterloo, Ont.

"This email is to say we are extremely happy with the gliding shelves that you recently installed. They have made the cupboard that they are installed in usable again. Thank you for your help."

-Andrew Senior, Hillsbourgh, Ont.

"Hi Cathy, I really appreciate your follow-up! Blair was great and the shelves look awesome! Thanks for everything and I'll be sure to contact you again if I need any more gliding shelves (and will recommend you to anyone who needs them)."

-Jen MacKinnon, Cambridge, Ontario

"Hello Cathy, The shelving is working out very well.  It has encouraged us to eliminate some articles which were just occupying space! The adjusted kitchen shelf is much more useful now. Thank you."

-Ilva and David, Waterloo

"Very pleased with the new gliders and the work you and Blair did." 

-Rick Cuthbert

"Was given the name of Nana Greenfield - Cathy Brown.  Her help was so helpful and I couldn't be more happy with the product and service.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I am one happy customer. Thanks Cathy."

-Patricia Williams 

"I love my kitchen again.  Thanks for all you and Bruce did. Thank you for being so patient. I enjoyed the experience of making this small kitchen workable."

-Karen Anticknap 

"Thank you Catherine, the glides have already made my life a lot easier."

-Scott and Rossana Perry

"Thank you so much Cathy.  I am still working with the new pantry and moving things around; it's actually fun.

I would like to order two additional dividers if I could but there is no urgency.

It is my intent to post this new pantry on my Facebook page so everyone can see how organized I am now.

Just have to save a little bit before I tackle the next project, that of the cupboards in the island."

Teresa, Waterloo, Ont.

"Thanks so much!! Still putting stuff back and I'm changing things around big time.  But so far I'm thrilled!! Thank you." 


Kath, Guelph

"I’m very happy with the pull outs. My kitchen feels clean and new again."

Pauline, Waterloo