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It’s happened to all of us – we reach for that can at the back of the cupboard, the one that’s right behind the other stack of cans, and the next thing we know there is a cascade of tinned food falling down and rolling everywhere. What’s worse – these tins can fall on our toes and even damage the floors!

The fix?

Enter the gliding shelf.

Gliding shelves, also known as rollout shelves, sliding shelves, pull out shelves, pull out drawers, pull out pantries, rolling shelves, glide out shelves, and slide out shelves, are designed to solve this issue. These shelves are designed to be installed into existing cabinets, such as bathroom vanities and kitchen pantries, to create easy access shelving. Call Cathy Brown, the owner at Nana Greenfield, to arrange your free in-home consultation to learn how you can transform your existing cabinets into an organizer’s dream!

At Nana Greenfield, we are committed to meeting your custom gliding shelf and home organization needs. We understand and appreciate the concerns you may have when making an investment of this nature. Thus, we encourage you to reach out so we can discuss your needs and determine what the best next step would be. We truly focus on connecting people with solutions to their problems, rather than just a shelf. We can connect with you in your home to complete a consultation and get you off to the right start.

Call Cathy for your complimentary in-home consultation today at (519) 635-2505.

Where can these shelves be installed?

Sliding drawers are incredibly versatile and are built to custom fit your existing space. This means they can go practically anywhere in your home! Some common areas that people have these installed in are the bathroom, kitchen cabinets and under sinks. You’ll be amazed at just how fast your kitchen cabinets can be turned into efficient sliding kitchen shelves! These types of shelves can even be a great way to utilize awkward spaces such as hidden corners.  

An example of a kitchen installation could be turning a tall kitchen cabinet into a stack of pull out kitchen drawers. 

Who are pull out shelves good for?


Our custom drawers are incredibly versatile in terms of the people can benefit from it. They can help increase independence for the mobility challenged. They can add value to your home by adding originality and functionality. They are definitely a simple solution to someone looking to organize their space in an efficient, cost effective manner. Installing a pullout pantry will have different benefits for different people, depending on their goals.

Install your custom pull out shelving solutions and say good-bye to the days of getting down on your hands to knees to find those items hiding at the back of the pantry.

What are some benefits of roll out shelves?

Our custom sliding shelf solutions will enable you to easily de-clutter your cabinet space while utilizing more of the space. You’ll be able to store items in more efficient ways compared to traditional front-only accessible shelving. This efficiency comes from the ability to access the entire length of the shelf from the top, as opposed to the front. No more digging around the back of the pantry to find that can of beans we’re sure we bought last month!

Slide out shelves are an excellent way to store those awkward items such as pots and pans or spice racks in a more space efficient manner. Adding a drawer to a shelf is a great way to get creative in the kitchen cupboard organizers realm. Give us a call today to take care of your organization project, and you’ll avoid needing to handle all the complicated hardware that goes into building beautiful sliding shelves.

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