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Our Gliding Shelf Solution

Shelves have become an essential part of modern home design and living. With the correct solution, you can make maximum use of the little storage space you have available and still have your house looking very organized. One of the available options of shelves is the sliding shelves. They have the ability to slide in and out which allows you to look and reach for what is in storage easily. Whether it is for your living room, bathroom, study room, bedroom or even the kitchen, sliding shelves will make storage so much easier.




Sliding shelves have provided an option for you to modify your home without major remodeling or large unexpected expenses. Traditional cabinetry can be difficult to organize and sometimes the doors won’t close after arranging, which is not an appealing look. When you install pull-out shelves, you can organize your items giving them a more coordinated look. This way you achieve both value and convenience in one package!




If you want shelves to help clean out the clutter in your kitchen, bathroom, closet or really any space in your home, the sliding shelf is perfect for you. The primary purpose of sliding shelves is capitalizing on the storage space available and maximizing it.


You can fully utilize the space available without leaving a mess. Before you settle on the desired design or shape, take the time to look at the available options and your needs. The space available determines the size of the shelves. The capacity of items to be stored also determines which is the best design to go with. Take your time to select the perfect shelf that fits your needs. Be sure to ask Cathy what she thinks, she’s the expert, after all!




Increase storage space: The shelves slide out making it easier for you to reach items at the back of the space. You can even use the corners of your cabinets that you could not use due to difficulty in reach. You may even have stored items and forgotten their existence. With sliding shelves, you can see and easily reach everything that is in them, giving you much more storage space.


Well Organized: Sliding shelves make the arrangement of your cabinet or closet easier. They make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, keeping the cabinets organized. You can also quickly pull out a shelf and return an item to its position after use.


Easy access: You do not need to bend over or climb in (not literally!) to reach items in your cabinets. All you do is pull out the shelf and get the item you need. The shelves also save you time spent looking for items in a cluttered cabinet. Install the sliding shelves, organize your items and you will have easy access to any item in no time.


Multi-purpose: Sliding cabinets can be used in the kitchen for utensils, closet for clothes and other necessities, storage rooms, bathrooms and much more. You can use a sliding shelf anywhere you store items that also has a cabinet to house it, and it will make the storage easy for you.




Sliding shelves are designed with a gliding system that allows you to smoothly pull out the shelf. It also allows you to push back after use with no effort at all. The gliding shelf can be installed by a professional in a single day, keeping you from living in a construction zone. To get measurements, call us at Nana Greenfield and set up an in-home consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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