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Install Gliding Shelf Solutions Throughout Your Home.




Why Gliding Shelf Solutions?

● Manufactured in Canada

● Made from #1 Baltic Birch

● Custom built to fit your existing cabinets

● Full extension steel rails that support up to

● 100 lbs of weight are included.

● All-inclusive price means no unexpected charges

● Shipped and installed within your home or

   office within 3-4 weeks.

Looking to optimize your home with gliding shelves? We offer customized gliding shelf solutions to fit every need. Call us today and see how we can make your life easier by installing your customized gliding shelves!

Our shelves are customized for your home, and are made to fit. With our free in-home consult, we’ll be able to determine how to effectively solve the problems you have with your existing cabinets. We already have many happy customers, and would love to make you our next one!

Now, let’s talk about the benefits! There really is no shortage of why these sliding shelves would be a good fit for you. They’re a good fit for people of all walks of life. The two biggest advantages of sliding shelves are their ability to help with cabinet and pantry organization and also accessibility.


With a sliding shelf, there are many options available to get you the results you need! There are also different inserts available on the market that can be used in conjunction to put you way ahead of the pack in the game of staying organized!


With a sliding shelf, gone are the days of straining to pick up that heavy can of peaches that is hiding in the back of your lowest pantry cupboard. Simply slide it out, pick it up, and slide the shelf back in. Save time, and your back!


Sliding shelves make incredible gifts to help empower elderly folks to live a more independent and accessible life. These are a great gesture to show your loved ones that you believe in their independence, by helping them in a pro-active manner to live an independent life.


Functionality is crucial regardless of what your end goal is when it comes to installing custom sliding shelfs into your home. We’re able to address so many different things with a simple, quick install. We can come in and do the install in one day, once we’ve got our measurements and obtained the materials we need to complete the job. 


Some benefits of these shelving installations are that they add value to your home, help you stay organized by knowing what is in your pantry at a glance, adding independence, increased accessibility, added space efficiency, de-clutter your space, utilize space to the fullest potential, custom designed to cater to specific tasks, ie. Cutlery, pots and pans, cutting boards, bulky items, etc, and the best benefit of all: we can install these shelves into your existing pantries and cupboards! No need for messy renovations; we’re in and out in ONE day. 


Jim Caruk from HGTV explains our glide out solutions.

Lee Anne from Gliding Shelf Solutions explains

the benefits of having a pull out shelf.

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