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Nana Greenfield is an authorized dealer for Gliding Shelf Solutions.


Serving  Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Ontario and Surrounding Areas.

About Nana Greenfield: 

Nana Greenfield Home Solutions of Waterloo, Ont. is an official dealership of Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc.  Canada’s largest and most experienced pull-out shelf company.  Custom Gliding Shelves specializes in “gliding” or “pull-out” shelves.  This refers to shelves that are designed to slide or roll for ease of use and accessibility.  The pull-out shelf styles have been specially designed to adapt to existing cupboards, cabinets and pantries; thus, a “gliding shelf” solution.  Benefits of gliding shelves are extensive, ranging from simple, everyday ease of use to vastly improved accessibility for those who may have mobility challenges.  The gliding shelf systems offer convenience in aesthetically pleasing formats for all parts of the home - kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms - while making the best of existing space.


The parent company was founded in 2009 with the goal to manufacture, market and sell the best pull-out shelves for Canadians at affordable prices backed by a high level of service.  The creation of a manufacturing facility here in Canada was a smart move for the company.  It enabled the business to keep costs down compared to what would have been higher overhead expenses due to shipping and cross-boarder duty fees.  Those savings are passed directly on to the customer through competitively low prices and free-in-home consultations. The company continues to grow due to its excellent customer service and the delivery of superb products to Canadian homes. 

Nana Greenfield specializes in 3 things: 

  1. Custom designing and installing gliding shelves for your existing cabinets.

  2. Personal assistance with your paperwork to help you get your papers in order and designing a custom system for ongoing paperwork going in and out of your home.

  3. An online store where you can buy some of our favourite organizing tools.

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